Sunday, September 16, 2007

vulcanology thwarted

st. helens 013 - Copy
If Emily looks a little forlorn, it's because she is. After driving 200 miles and risking death (more on that later), her reward is profound fog. Ordinarily, visitors would have to pay $8 to approach this guard rail and view the infamous Mount St. Helens. Given the circumstances, we thought it reasonable to have Emily reconnoiter before we ponied up the cash.
On a clear day, the view would of looked more like this (credit to this random guy on Flickr).
On a road trip, I know that getting there is half the fun. And trust me, it was. I was able to convince Emily to snap a photo when the fog on the drive was thin. Moments before, when visibility was about 10 feet, a minivan full of tourists decided it would be safer to perform a u-turn with zero visibility on a treacherous mountain road rather than keep forging ahead towards a legitimate pull off. After coming to a stop a couple of feet from the driver side door of the minivan, I played a few notes on the international instrument of driving good will. I think he got the point.
st. helens 008


Chuck Gates said...

"the international instrument of driving good will" - LOL! Sixteen years of training at the SoCal Institute of Freeway Training made me a maestro at playing that instrument.

Your blog brought a smile to my face remembering your great humor. Has Emily got her BMW yet?

(BTW, check out our blog at

random guy on Flickr said...

Looks exactly like the first time I went Mount St. Helens. :-(