Sunday, August 26, 2007

she's lump

while we were in utah for vacation, my mom and grandma threw me my first baby shower (hooray for baby showers!). and because i do not subscribe to the new-fangled "let's just chat" shower philosophy, we played the dreaded baby shower games (hooray for playing games!). my personal favorite was the how-big-is-your-belly string game; at the time, i was just shy of 28 weeks.

here is cousin lindsie. fairly accurate--only a few centimeters off, actually. what excellent spatial reasoning.

contrast with sister-in-law cindy who has apparently confused me for some kind of pregnant walrus. ah, cindy, we love you. thanks for helping me to realize how truly lucky i am.

this is what you're missing, ladies, when you don't play the games.


Michael said...

Pictures of the shower are cute. I am glad I was there.

Katie said...

Ems - you look so hot at 28 weeks. I am 25 weeks - so 3 more weeks until the hotness sets in I guess. I don't know if you know but we're having a boy. Boys are better than girls.

Susanne said...

You look so adorable! Yea for babies and showers! I had a wedding shower this past weekend but we only played one game, which was just about right for me. It involved telling stories about me and let's just say that the term "muffin whore" came up.

Miss you!