Tuesday, July 03, 2007

sugar and spice

as one can clearly see from exhibit a, in which our baby is widely spreading her legs and showing the whole world how she has no penis, it's a girl. (ultrasound pictures are a strange view, but for this one, imagine she is sitting on a piece of glass and you are looking up at her from beneath.)

not only is this baby a girl, but she is definitely her mother's daughter. yesterday at our appointment, as the doctor went to place the fetal doppler and listen to the heartbeat, she vehemently kicked it off. bryan could just hear her saying, "don't touch me!" (shout out to matt and ken who have experienced this abuse in real life.)

the other two photos are profile views. in the third picture, she is arching her back, and you can get a great view of the spine. she has beautiful bone structure (just look at that nose!), a great heart, perfect organs, ten fingers (we have one photo of her flashing us some sort of womb 'what up' signal), ten toes, and a highly functional brain which bryan can fill with all sorts of intellectualism and, of course, lies.

thus far in our adventures with her, she has been very energetic, outgoing, curious, and stubborn. so, mom, it looks as if sweet justice is coming my way.

and do i dare say we are thrilled, or will that sound too cliche? oh well, let's throw caution to the wind here: we are thrilled!


Citizen Parker said...

How wonderful! I'm so excited for both of you.

May I suggest Scott as a lovely girl's name? I know it's traditionally male, but it's totally catching on with ladies as well. Just a thought.


Michael said...

We are thrilled with your baby's pictures. Little girls are so wonderful. Sorry Scott, but Bryan has already sold the naming rights. Scott and Gorm are off the table.

bryan said...

congrats, congrats, congrats!! that's so exciting. when is the due date? i'm sure the grandmas-to-be are especially thrilled. :)