Thursday, March 08, 2007

curl gout sookies

more american than apple pie.

it's that time of year again: the girl scouts are out and about and on the prowl. knocking on doors and parading in front of grocery stores for two weeks, practically forcing you to spend $4.00 (or more!) on their delicious and highly addictive snacks.

this year, they have another thing coming.

behold the power of the internet: unbeknownst to them, i have found, through diligent searching, the recipe for a bonafide imitation of the famed thin mint, and the scouts are in for some heated competitition.

in a double blind taste test, 100% of those polled (sample size of 15) agreed that emily's version of the cookie was tastier than the previously favored "girl scout cookie."

...unfortunately, due to the high cost of production for the "emily cookie" (both in resources and manpower), the girls in green still maintain their precious corner on the cookie market. but mind you, that corner is steadily shrinking, and my time as cookie queen is soon to come.

next year, samoas!

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Susanne said...


You need to share that recipe! No fair keeping it all to yourself!