Thursday, December 21, 2006

Happiness is

Darkness has engulfed us. Avid readers may have noticed that we've maintained strict radio silence over the last week. Truth be known, our dearth of communication hasn't been from lack of trying. Our power went out last Thursday, along with a million other people. The only difference between us and the other denizens of the Pacific northwest is that their power came on long ago.

Fortunately, our bodies have become acclimated to the near freezing temperatures in our house (this morning, it was actually colder inside the house than out). Friends and co-workers have mistakenly guessed that sleeping in a cold, dark cavern is the pinnacle of the problems. It's not. Boredom is the real issue.

Since Emily's school has been closed, she's become a permanent fixture in my office. Rather than justifying her presence by answering the two phone calls I get at work each day, she's had a wonderful time catching up on Grey's Anatomy. As much as I love work (I truly do), it's been hard to focus with her having such a good time a mere 2 feet away.

At any rate, happiness is... the 18 utility trucks parked outside of the Duvall Safeway this morning (I saw plates from Indiana, Alambana, and California). The power is coming. I can feel it.

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